14th  PARA COMMANDO Engineers Company (Co Eng Para-Cdo)

On October 14, 1991, the Chief of Staff of the Land Force decides to give the Para-Commando Regiment an Engineer Company.
The 14th Company Engineer (Dutch-speaking), based in Arolsen in FRG, is designated to fulfil this role and the first non-commissioned officers begin their Para-Commando training in Marche-les-Dames. On July 01, 1992, the 14th Para-Commando Engineers Company (14 Co Eng Para-Cdo) is officially created.
Composed of 9 Officers, 46 non-commissioned officers and 128 caporals and soldiers, the Company is made up of:
– two platoons “combat engineers”;
– a platoon “mine planters”;
– a platoon “countermine;
– a platoon “MAT”;
– and a Staff platoon. (With a section “combat swimmers” in the Staff platoon).
From December 23, 1992 to December 14, 1993, the Company provides a platoon in reinforcement on a rota basis for operations “Restore Hope” and “UNOSOM” in Somalia. (2 Battalion Commando and 3 Battalion Parachutist).
In one year, the whole Company takes part in these armed humanitarian missions under the aegis of the U.N.
1993, operation “Sunny Winter” to protect the evacuation of expatriates from Kinshasa. A section is mobilised in reinforcement of the 3rd Parachutist Battalion and the Para-Commando Anti-Tank Company in Congo Brazzaville. The section remains there from January 30 to February 7.
Likewise, during operation “Silver Back” in Rwanda in April 94, the Company will provide a section in reinforcement in Djibouti from April 27 to May 5.
1999, as from April 17, in reinforcement of the 2nd Battalion of Commandos, a part of the Company takes part in the humanitarian operation “Allied Harbour” of the Ace Mobile Forces (Land) (AMF(L)) in Albania. At the end of July, it gets back to Belgium. The second part of the Company departs in mid-July in reinforcement of the 3d Lancers Parachutists Regiment, still in Albania, but it will make a stay in Kosovo before getting back to Belgium in mid-August.


In May and June 1992, the 14th Company Engineer leaves Germany and settles in Belgium in Emblem near Lier. In April-May 1994, it settles in Heverlee (Leuven).


The 14 Co Eng Para-Cdo has taken up the Commando traditions and wears the green beret with the insignia of the Para-Commando Brigade. The Roman engineer helmet can be seen on the insignia. The dress is the same as that worn by the 2nd Commando Battalion.
The motto of the 14th Para-Commando Engineers Company is “Via VI” (I open the way), and holds the Standard whit the citations “Antwerp, Yser, 1914-1918 Campaigns” of the 14th Engineers Battalion.
Since 1994, the Company is sponsored by the municipality of Sint-Niklaas.
On September 3, 2003, the 14th Para-Commando Engineers Company is disbanded.

Corps Commanders

Major B. Vercruyssen 1992-1994
Major P. Van Goethem 1994-1997
Major W. De Cauwer 1997-2000
Major R. Wagemans 2000-2003

Corps warrant officers

Warrant officer Chef D. Robbens 1992-2000
Warrant officer Chef L. Pauwels 2000-2003

 Corps Corporals

1st Corporal Chief F. Willems 1994-1997
1st Corporal Chief F. Van Der Verren 1997-2003