35th PARA-COMMANDO Anti-aircraft artillery battery (35 By AA Para-Cdo)

The 35th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion is created on June 1, 1951 and takes up the traditions of “Land Defence against Aircraft”. In 1992, the Battalion is equipped with the weapon system “MISTRAL” (Missile Transportable Anti-Aircraft Light).
In 1994, the 35th Battalion is disbanded but a battery is maintained to become the 35th Para-Commando Anti-Aircraft Battery. (35 By AA Para-Cdo).
On July 1, 1994, the new Unit is given a battle order: 8 Officers, 60 non-commissioned officers and 90 Corporals and Soldiers, most of them coming from the 35th Battalion, the 62 Battalion and the Company Equipes Special of Information (ESR) with Special Information Teams).
The Battery is created to function as an autonomous unit and is equipped with 18 MISTRAL firing stations.
The Battery enables a protection against aircraft at an altitude up to 2.000 meters. The optimal reach ranges between 800 and 5.000 meters.
In 1999, a Section, in reinforcement of the 2nd Battalion of Commandos, takes part in Albania in the Ace Mobile Forces Land ‘AMF(L) operation “Allied Harbour” and gets back to Belgium at mid-July. From July 15 to August 9, the Battery takes part in the same operation, in reinforcement of the 3rd Regiment Lancers Parachutist. On September 2, 2002, within the framework of the reorganisation of the Belgian Army, the 35th Para-Commando Anti-Aircraft Battery is disbanded.


The Battery (French-speaking, but part of the personnel is Dutch-speaking) has taken up the Commando traditions: green beret with the insignia of the Para-Commando Brigade, where two crossed (stylized) missiles can be seen, and the same attributes on the dress as the 2 Battalion of Commandos. By Royal Decree of July 30, 1994, the Battery has been entrusted with the Standard of the 35th Artillery Battalion. This Standard bears the mention: “Battle of Belgium 1940”.
Since 1997, the Battery was twinned with the 35th Parachutist Battery (equipped with the same type of weapon) of the 54th Artillery Regiment of the French Army.


The Battery was based in the quarter “KNESSELAERE” in Spich, (Germany) and Wartet.

Corps Commanders

Major Ir G. Vandeweyer 1994-1996
Major Ir J-L. Hiel 1996-1998
Major Ir WD. Peeters 1998-2000
Major P. Darvil 2000-2002

Corps Warrant officers

Chief warrant officer L. Hillaert 1994-1996
Chief warrant officer L.P. Bauwens 1996-2002

Corps corporals

1st Corporal Chief J. Bosmans 1994-1997
1st Corporal Chief F. Bouckaert 1997-2000
1st Corporal Chief S. Jeanmenne 2000-2002