The 4th Battalion Commando (4 Bn Cdo) was established on 2 April 1959 with the conscripts and part of the Officers and non- commissioned officers of the 2nd Battalion Commando that was flown to the Belgian Congo from 10 January as a result of the mutiny at Leopoldville.

The Battalion settled in Kitona and from then on ensured a permanent presence of the Metropolitan Forces in Lower Congo.

In April 1960, after a one-year stay in Baki, the Battalion leave Congo to settle in Rwanda. It must intervene several times to maintain calm and to prevent bloody fighting between Batutsi and Bahutu.

In July 1960, the platoons of heavy weapons of the Staff and Services Company intervened twice to help the people of Goma and to capture the airfield.

The 1st Company carries out a parachuted operation on Bunia and then a platoon advances to Mongbwalu to relieve two columns of European refugees. Under the road, the platoon falls into three ambushes, three Commandos are shot and mortally wounded: DELAHAUT – HOSSELET -SOSNOWSKI.

In January 1961 at Kisenyi, the 1st Company resisted an attack by the National Congolese Army (ANC) from Goma. The Commando C. RENARD, captured during a night patrol, is assassinated by the Congolese soldiers.

The 4th Battalion Commando will carry out the task of maintaining law and order in Rwanda until the independence of this country, on July 1, 1962.

His personnel will be repatriated during the month of July and the Battalion will be officially disbanded on October 1, 1962.

In the 70s, the 4th Battalion Commando becomes a reserve Battalion formed with reservists from the other Battalions while the Officers and non-commissioned officers and other personnel is provided by the Center Training Commando (CTrg Cdo). It is composed of the 23th, 24th and 25th Companies and a Staff and Services Company.

Recalls of this Battalion in 1974, 77, 83, 86 and 90.

Creation and the standard

The Royal Decree n° 7397 of 23 October 1959 assigns a Standard to the 4th Battalion Commando. The Standard was given handed by H.M. the King Baudouin to Major V. BRUNEAU during a ceremony that takes place on the Esplanade of the Fiftieth Anniversary on April 1, 1960.

After the dissolution of the Battalion, the Standard is deposited in the Royal Museum of the Army (RMA).
On April 20, 1976, he was awarded to the CTrg Cdo.
On February 18, 2011, the Standard of the 4th Battalion Commando is awarded to the HQ of the Light Brigade (Para-Commando) in Marche-en-Famenne.
The CTrg Cdo receives a Flag (Royal School of Noncommissioned Officers in its place.
On 3 July 2018, after the evolution of the Light Brigade in Special Operation Regiment in Heverlee, the Standard is awarded to the Special Operations Regiment (SO Regt).
On March 22, 2019, the Standard of the 4 Battalion Commando will be definitively awarded to the CTrg Cdo.


The 4 Bn Cdo had taken the traditions of the Commandos, green beret and the badge of the 2nd Battalion Commando. During the 70s, the Battalion, reserve Battalion of the Para-Commando Regiment then has its own license plate, the copy of the coat of arms, designed in 1962 by its Corps Commander, Major V. BRUNEAU: a dagger and a palm tree with the African Star as a background.


At its foundation in 1959, in Baki, then in Rwanda, the Staff and Services Company at Kigali, the 1th Company at Astrida then at Kisenyi and the 2nd Company at Shangugu.


Corps Commanders.

Major P. Lemercier April-July 1959
Major O. Janssens July-November 1959
Major V. Bruneau Nov 59-Aug 60
Commandant A. Lemasson Aug-Oct 60
Commandant J. Vaes a.i. Oct 60-Jan 61
Major P. Lemercier Jan-July 61
Major O. Janssens July 61-Feb 62
Major V. Bruneau Feb-Oct 62

Corps Warrant officers. 

Warrant officer B. Schils 1959-1961
1st Sergeant Major M. Leiding 1962-1962

10 Jan 59

Alarm for the 2nd Battalion Command in NAMUR.
A Company (Co) is on training jumps to SCHAFFEN.
A second Co does Commando training in the snow in the ARDENNES.

12 Jan 59

The entire Battalion is located at LEOPOLDVILLE. After a four-week stay in the Congolese capital, the Battalion adopts the KITONA base as her garrison.

14 Mar 59


Apr 59

The Officers and noncommissioned officers of the 2nd Battalion Commando was partially relieved by reinforcements from Belgium. The 4th Detachment has been entrusted to the new Battalion.

Sep 59

Arrival of the 15th Detachment. Incident at the KITONA Base.

26 Feb 60

Visit by Lt Gen de CUMONT. Chairman of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff.

27 Mar 60

Visit of Vice Admiral Sir DYMOCK WATSON, Comd of South Atlantic and South America of the PUMA.

1 Apr 60

Handing over of the Standard by the King BAUDOUIN to Major V. BRUNEAU.

21 Apr 60

Departure of the first Company (Co) to RWANDA-BURUNDI.

5 May 60

The first Co joined BIUMBA.

19 May 60

Departure of the 4th Battalion Commando to USUMBURA.

21 May 60

Death of R GEELEN in the vicinity of BIUMBA.

24 May 60

The 4th Battalion Commando ensured the pacification of RWANDA. The second Co at NYANZA, later at SHANGUGU-KIBUYE. The Staff of the Battalion is stationed at ASTRIDA and then at KIGALI.

30 Jun 60

Independence of CONGO.

8 Jul 60

Mutiny of the “Force Publique” (F.P.) in GOMA. She was restrained by the Staff Co the same day.

10 Jul 60

Mutiny of the F.P. in KIGALI and the other cities in RWANDA. She was subdued on July 12.

17 Jul 60

The Staff Co takes control of the airport at GOMA. The Co of the 3rd Chasseur Ardennes (3 Ch A) joins the Staff Co at GOMA airport.
The families of the F.P at RUMANGABO have been liberated.

18 Jul 60

The first Co seizes the airport of BUNIA. The F.P. The F.P. of BUNIA is disarmed.

19 Jul 60

Crash of the C 119. The 4th Battalion Commando with the Co of the 3 Ch A organized the assistance and the repatriation of the body’s DELAHAUT, HOSSELET, SOSNOWSKI.

22 Jul 60

Fatal accident of J GERAETS in BUGARAMA.

28 Aug 60

Relief of the 15th Detachment by the 17th Detachment.

12 Jan 61

Attack by KISENY by the Army National Congolese (ANC). Murder of J.L RENARD by the ANC.

20 Jan 61

The death of P. WESTHOF in ASTRIDA.

Feb 61

Relief of the 17th Detachment by the 19th Detachment.

16 Apr 61

The death of J.0 DOCQUIERS in RUHENGERI.

Jul 61

Relief of the 19th Detachment by the 21st Detachment.

25 Sep 61

Legal elections in RWANDA. Convincing victory of PARMEHUTU.

6 Feb 62

Relief of the 21st Detachment by the 23rd Detachment.

23 Feb 62

Visit by Lt Gen THOMAS, Chief of Staff and Inspector of the Army.

28 Mar 62

“Matines Brugeoises” in BIUMBA.

24 Apr 62

Crash of the aircraft TRIPACER: 4 injured.

1 Jul 62

Independence of RWANDA. Participation of the 4th Battalion Commando in the festivities.

20 Jul 62

The 4th Battalion Commando bids farewell to RWANDA.

28 Sep 62

Surrender of the Standard to the Royal Army Museum.

1 Oct 62

The 4th Battalion Commando is disbanded.