6th Bataillon COMMANDO (6 Bn Cdo).

The 6 Commando Battalion (bilingual) is made up on May 16, 1960 with the conscriptions and a part of the officers and non-commissioned officers of the 2nd Commando Battalion (2 Bn Cdo) having gone to the Belgian Congo in February.
After having gained the Para brevet in Kamina, the Battalion settles at the base of Kitona in place of the 4th Commando Battalion which heads towards Ruanda.
On 30 June, the 2nd Company is sent to the Stanley base in Leopoldville. It will intervene in particular on July 8 to save the Chief of the Police force, Lieutenant-General E Janssens, and on July 12, it will seize the airport of Ndjili.
In the meantime, the Battalion (–) in Kitona seizes Boma on July 11, and organises assistance and escorts columns of refugees to Kitona.
On 14 July in the morning, the 1st Company (+) neutralises the naval base of Banane. In the afternoon, the whole Battalion is gathered on the airport of Ndjili.
On July 16, the Battalion seizes Coquilhatville.
On July 17, the 2nd Company (+) seizes Boende.
On July 31, the whole Battalion is gathered in Baki.
In August 1960, it heads towards Usumbura.
On December 24, the Recce platoon convoys a detachment of the National Congolese Army (ANC) which will try, departing from Rwanda, to reconquer Bukavu occupied by rebels. The Recce platoon comes under enemy fire and withdraws, having the order not to intervene.
On December 31, 1960, the 6th Commando Battalion is disbanded.

Traditions :
The 6th Commando Battalion had taken up the Commando traditions, the green beret with the insignia of the 2 Bn Cdo. Actually, the personnel had simply kept the uniform it had on its arrival in our colony.
An unofficial insignia had been created, based on the insignia of a French Parachutist Regiment, but by looking at the back face of it to reveal number 6.

Corps commanders

Commandant A. Lemasson mai – août 1960
Major P. Lemercier août – décembre 1960

Corps warrant officers

Warrant officer H. Pellens Mai-décembre 1960