Creation of the Para-Commando Regiment. (Regt Para-Cdo).

November 3, 1951, all the “Commando” and “Parachutist” units are amalgamated in a Para-Commando Regiment under the command of Lieutenant-colonel George DANLOY.

The Para-Commando Regiment is then made up of:

· a Staff (Citadel of Namur) ;
· a Commando Battalion (2 Companies in Seilles, 1 Company in Wartet) ;
· a Parachutist Battalion (Léopoldsburg) ;
· an Instruction Center (Citadel of Namur) ;
· a School Company (Citadel of Namur)
· a Training Center Commando (Marche-les-Dames) ;
· a Parachutist Training Center (Schaffen).


The SAS and Commando missions.
The operations elite infantry.
Operations amphibious (Commandos) and air transports (Paratroopers).
The operations of guard and Defence of the vital points in the Belgian Congo.


October 2, 1950, creation of the Belgian-Luxembourg Corps of Volunteers for Korea. The new unit was trained by the Commandos at Marche-Les-Dames and at Kaulille. The volunteers get their brown hat at the end of the training.

From 1953, departure of detachments to the Belgian Congo, from 1953 to the base of Kamina (Katanga), from 1959 to the base of Kitona (Lower Congo), and from 1960 to Rwanda-Urundi.
February 1, 1954, the Center Training Commando (CTrg Cdo) becomes a Corps, the Captain René MEUNIER his first Corps superior.
1954, the 3rd Company of the 2nd Battalion Commando (2 Cdo) commanded by the Captain Joseph DELPIERRE is the first unit of the Regiment to obtain the certificates Commando et Parachutist.
November 15, 1954, creation of a Peloton Supplying via the Air in Center Training Para (CTrg Para).
In 1955, the 3rd Parachute Battalion was founded. Brown hat and hat badge of the Korea Corps. Later red hat.
On June 16, 1955, the last volunteers of Korea returned. 1955, the HQ Regiment takes up residence in the Castle of Arenberg in Marche-Les-Dames, the 2 Cdo occupies the Citadel Terra Nova in Namur.
The Training Centre (Citadel of Namur) is dissolved and the School Compagnie Para-Commando takes up residence in Wartet.
1958, the Commander Jean MILITIS begins an in-depth retraining of the CTrg Cdo.
1959, replacing the English parachute Irvin Type X with the French parachute TAP-665, parachute with better stability (65m2).
January 1960, establishment in Marche-Les-Dames of a Medical Center Para-Commando, it moves in 1962 to the Military Hospital of August Namen.
In 1960, the units Para-Commandos leave Congo and are replaced by troops of the UNO.
1961, the Company ESR is officially founded.
1962, the 2nd Battalion Commando leaves the Citadel and takes up residence in the Quarter OLt THIBAUT in Flawinne.