210th PARA-COMMANDO Logistic Company (210 Co Log Para-Cdo)

The 210th Logistic Company has been created on July 01, 1983 in Arolsen (FRG) as sub-unit of the 18th Logistic Battalion. This Unit was the result of the merging of the 210th Material Company and the 107th Supply and Transport Platoon.
In 1994, the Company settles in Heverlee (Leuven) and on September 30, it becomes the 210th Para-Commando Logistic Company. (210 Co Log Para-Cdo).
On January 1, 1995, the Unit becomes an independent Corps and ensures the Logistic Support of the Para-Commando Brigade.
The Company is responsible for the supply and transport of the following products:
– Class I (food);
– Class II (equipment, armaments, material);
– Class III (fuels);
– Class V (ammunition) to the benefit of the units of the Para-Commando Brigade; it is also in charge of the maintenance of the Brigade vehicles.
Strong of 10 Officers, 73 non-commissioned officers, 132 corporals and soldiers, the 210 Co Log Para-Cdo is made up of:
– a Staff and Services cell;
– a supply and transport platoon with five sections;
– a technical platoon charged with the organisation of the work of the platoons;
– a supply platoon;
– a platoon maintenance of the vehicles;
– a platoon material;
– a supervision platoon;
– and a section National Support Element (NSE) when the Brigade or a Unit Para-Commando works in an international environment.
1999, as from April 17, half of the Company, in reinforcement of the 2nd Battalion of Commandos, takes part in the humanitarian operation “Allied Harbour” of Ace Mobile Forces Land (AMF(L)) in Albania. At the end of July, it gets back to Belgium. On July 9, the other half of the Company accompanies the 3rd Lancers Parachutists Regiment in Albania to finish the operation “Allied Harbour” and remains there until mid-August.
In September 2003, it takes part in the creation of the 20th Battalion Logistic (20 Bn Log) and is then disbanded.


The Company (bilingual) has taken up the Commando traditions: the green beret with the insignia of the Para-Commando Brigade and, superimposed, the symbols of Logistics.
The insignias on the uniform are the same as those of the units with Commando traditions.


Since 1994, the 210 Co Log Para-Cdo was based in HEVERLEE (LEUVEN).

Corps Commanders

Major P. Vandeput 1994-1998
Major F. Cotton 1998-2001
Major D. Laforce 2001-2003

Corps warrant officers

Chief warrant officer F. Meulemans 1994-1998
Warrant officer-Major A. Torremans 1998-2003

Corps corporals

1st Corporal Chief M. Maire 1994-1997
1st Corporal Chief J. Davidovic 1997-2002
1st Corporal Chief G. Denis 2002-2003