Origin and contributes of the « Commando » Museum.

Pierre ROMAN
Army Chief of Staff

Created in 1980 on the initiative of Lieutenant-General Pierre Roman, Chief of Army Staff and early Lieutenant Commando in 1942, the Commando museum relates and illustrates the history of the Belgian Commandos since 1942, year of the creation in Great Britain of the first Unit, the “4Th Troop of N° 10 Inter-Allied Commando”, to date.

All the units of the Belgian army that have proudly worn the green beret of the Commandos afterwards are represented in the museum.
Very modest in its early years, the museum currently comprises about twenty rooms and is in continuous development thanks to the gifts of its famous representatives through time.

The collections, presented in chronological order and/or by theme, (documents, material, equipment, armaments, vehicles and souvenirs), illustrate the historical stages and the evolution in time of the Belgian Commandos.

The museum contributes to the maintenance of the traditions and ensures the promotion of the history of the Belgian Commandos.