Latest Acquisitions

The Museum received a donation of a Winchester .30 M1A1 carbine
with folding stock and wooden pistol grip.
The rifle is on display in Room 5, Korea.
The Museum thus has (apart from the AW rifle) all the weapons
used by the Commandos until 2000.

The Museum received a donation of a SAFN 1949 weapon with Sniper scope.
The weapon is on display in Room 5, Korea.

Two veterans of the 2nd Commando Battalion, 1 Cpl Chef e.r. Robert Cosse and 1Cpl Chief er. Jean Marie FLORQUIN lovers of flea markets, recovered and offered to the Museum a magnificent archelle in several pieces.
Another elder, Adjt Maj e.r. Christian FIEVET partly restored it and a cabinetmaker, Mr. Adelin MARTIN, voluntarily refined and completed the restoration.
Testimony of Commander e.r. Deudon: “Small preamble: I am almost 84 years old and my memories take me back to the years 57, 58 and 59 when I lodged in the officers’ mess of the citadel, 60 years ago. For those who know this mess, we entered in a hall with a staircase leading to the bedrooms and only then, in line with the first, a second door which opened onto the bar. To the left of this door, I see this archelle again!”

The archelle is exhibited and to be seen in room 19.

The beret and honorary distinctions of Lieutenant-General Pierre ROMAN were presented by the family to the Commandos Museum on July 2, 2018. To be seen in room No. 2.

The Colt .45 of Viscount Arthur de JONGHE.

Dom 410 survey meter.

Coat “Afghan Authorities” – Russian mortar – Miscellaneous equipment
(Kunduz Mission 2010).

The Commandos Museum received, with the collaboration of the Defense protocol service, a cartridge case from the salute of honor fired by the Artillery Battalion on the occasion of the swearing-in of HM King PHILIPE on July 23, 2013.
The casing can be seen in room No. 8, Para-Commando Artillery Battery.

Dummy with “Type X” parachute (UK) and releasable material (Chess-Bag).

Mannequin with seat parachute for Air transport and OR parachute