On 13 December 1943, in Italy, in front of the “Gustav Line” (in the area of Monte Cassino), the “4th Troop” is the first Unit of the Belgian Land Force to be fighting again after the defeat of 1940.

To be seen : – the machine-gun loaders that saved the life of Sgt ANNEZ DE TABOADA while being used as bulletproof jacket;

A model of dress of a religious brotherhood in Montenero which made it possible for some men to be camouflaged in snow;

The campbed and the chair of Doctor VAN PEPERSTRAETE F, doctor of the Unit.

In March 44, the Unit was on the island of Vis in Yugoslavia at the side of the partisans of TITO. Back in England in June, too late to take part in the landing, it will form part, from Ostend, of the first wave of assault to conquer the island of Walcheren on 1 November 1944. This island will be conquered after 9 days of harsh combat.

In April 45, the “4th Troop” is on a safety assignment in the North of Germany. While searching the Belgians who did carry the Nazi uniform, the Major PSC HELLEBAUT, chief of the “Wallonia Legion” will be arrested and sent back to Belgium under the guard of Major DANLOY.

To be seen : – the curvometer of the Chief of the “Wallonia Legion”.

4 Commandos will die during these campaigns:
Cpl MAIRESSE Mr. (It) – LT DETON A. (It) – LT MENY A. (Walch) – Cpl DIVINE F (Walch)