Les opérations humanitaires

1953 is the starting year of the African adventure in Belgian Congo, particularly in Kamina, and later in Kitona and Ruanda-Urundi. The attainment of independence of our colony will mark the beginning of a series of humanitarian operations in which the Commandos will take part:

– 1960, at many places in Congo, (3 Commandos will be killed in ambushes of the PF between Bunia and Mongbwalu: Cdo DELAHAUT – Cdo HOSSELET – Cdo SOSNOWSKI, Cdo RENARD will be assassinated by the Congolese National army in January 1961 in Kisenyi);

– 1964 in Stanleyville with the 1st Parachutists Battalion;

– 1974 in the Sahel;

– 1978 in Shaba (Kolwezi);

– 1990 in Rwanda;

– 1991 in Zaire.

Various pieces of material brought back during these operations are shown

A rolling kitchen, for 300 people, has been introduced with difficulty