The month of April is coming to an end in Rwanda, a month of intense memories and emotions throughout the country. On April 10, the Belgian Embassy under the aegis of the Defense Attaché Lieutenant-Colonel Alain Lambert organized at the Camp Kigali memorial the ceremony that has become traditional in tribute to the Belgian victims and in particular to our commandos. The Belgian Ambassador to Rwanda welcomed a large audience consisting mainly of diplomatic representatives and Belgian residents. Particular mention should be made of a large delegation of the Rwandan Armed Forces in an improved context of calm relations. The memorial site is perfectly maintained. It should be noted that outside the protected perimeter of the memorial, the environment changes very quickly. The site no longer has a military vocation. He is assigned to the University of Rwanda and to temporary exhibitions. On the occasion of this ceremony, the remarkable work of the institute of veterans, booklet and DVD, as well as the voluminous book of the Commander of the 15th Wing in 1994 were highlighted. A permanent showcase will soon house these contributions to memory. The wreath placed by our friends has found its place at the foot of the plaque of remembrance of the victims.