Post-war period

In September 1945, the “4th Troop” that became “Commando Regiment” in May returns to Belgium and settles in Marches-les-Dames and the Citadel of Namur, later also in Seilles.

1946: The Commando Regiment receives its standard.

1947: The Commando training centre is officially created.

A more recent one in polyester

A cloth kayak

Different types of material used in the Training centre

1950: Many Commandos volunteer to go to Korea. The Commando regiment is in charge of the training of the officers and later of the reinforcements for the Corps of the Belgian Volunteers for Korea.
1951: Creation of the Para-Commando Regiment of which the first Commandant is Lieutenant-colonel George DANLOY.

Two parachutes illustrate this new type of training of the Commandos

To be seen : – a fictitious machine-gun which reproduces the noise of the shooting and which, thanks to a bicycle light placed in the barrel, simulated the shooting flames (until the beginning of the Sixties, the only training cartridges were the “Bull Blank” with a wooden point).