The creation (3 rooms 3A, 3B, 3C)

3A. In 1942, on proposal of the English, the Belgian Government in London agrees to incorporate a Belgian Unit in the “N° 10 Inter-Allied Commando”. The “4th Troop” is created on 27 July 1942 under the command of Reserve Captain George DANLOY and settles in Abersoch in Wales, where, in absence of barracks, it is taken in by the inhabitant, just like the other Commando “Troops”.

To be seen :
– the list of the 1st Commandos in training.

3B. In September, it settles in Achnacarry, Scotland, in order to undergo a hard training which will make it possible for its members to wear the “Green Beret”.

To be seen :
A reproduction of the monument erected in SPEAN BRIDGE (SCOTLAND) is shown.

3C. One finds a “Goatley”, a foldable boat used by the Commandos during the war and, afterwards, until 1957. In February 1957, during a demonstration for General NORSTAD (SACEUR), a boat overturns and 3 men drown. Although the boat had nothing to do with the accident, it is withdrawn from the training. The model shown (the only one in Belgium) could be acquired thanks to a subscription in which took part more than 660 members of the Commando family.

To be seen :
Goatley with its crew.