The development

After the African period, a more important role is assigned to the Para-Commando Regiment in Europe. The 2d Commando Battalion is brought to three companies of fusiliers. The Para-Commando antitank company (green beret) is created in 1963 and the Para-commando Artillery Battery (green beret) in 1973. 

In 1992, the Para-Commando Regiment, that has become a Brigade, sees the creation of the 14 Para-Commando Engineers Company, in 94 that of the 210 Para-Commando Logistic Company and the 35 Para-commando Anti-aircraft Artillery Battery which also take up Commandos traditions. But with the successive reorganisations of the Army, all the support units were unfortunately dissolved.

The howitzers of 105mm (US), produced in 1942, equipped the Para-commando Artillery Battery from 1974 to 1998.

Many countries with training opportunities are now accessible, including Benin since 2001.

One of these howitzers is shown in this room

A canoe brought back by the 14 Cie Génie Para-Cdo of Benin