The room of honour

There one finds the photographs of the Corps Chiefs, of the Corps Warrant officers (RSM) and of the Corps Corporals of the 2d Commando Battalion, direct heir of the “4th TROOP”, the badges of the various existing or dissolved Commando units, the names of the Commandos who died in operations or on duty, a corner especially dedicated to the “Padre” L CORBISIER, first chaplain of the Commandos.

To be seen :
– the corner “Command”, of the 2nd Commando Battalion; – and that of Padre CORBISIER



The Founder

Captain George DANLOY, who became Major general ret. Baron George DANLOY, founder of the Belgian Commandos, unfortunately died on 19 October 1999. A large part is devoted to him.

To be seen :
– the “corner” of Major general Baron DANLOY (┼);

At the entrance of the barracks, a side of the war memorial is dedicated to him


The commemorative plate of the memorial